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About Us

KS Costa Estates is a fully legal and licensed family run independent Estate Agency owned and operated by Karl & Samantha Stannett, we have lived and worked on the Costa del Sol for 21 years, we came as a family from the Midlands area of England back in 1997 when our son and daughter were only 8 and 6 years old, we have really loved living on the Costa del Sol, we feel we have all benefited and enjoyed southern Spain, living and working on this most beautiful coast line you could say we have been ‘Living the Dream’.

With our wealth of knowledge of living in this part of the world combined with both of us having over 16 years of experience each in the Commercial and Residential property market here in Spain we feel we can offer potential newcomers and investors to the coast the best advice and support whether buying a home or business.

We do not employ sales staff or have expensive overheads which results in lower prices for you. We will not be beaten on price, we work extremely hard to get you the best deal possible.

For those who are starting a new life here you can rely on KS Costa to help you all the way, we look forward to seeing you – Karl & Sam

We believe that for the majority of you reading this most of your research will have been carried out online from your home before you reach our sunshine coast.
We have decided for the present time to operate as an online company and not take on the cost of office premises and staff. We have also seen that working online is perhaps the way forward for both ourselves and our clients, buyers and sellers alike, we feel we have more time to dedicate without interruption to serve our clients needs better and offer a much more personal service, certainly the savings we currently enjoy on overheads is passed on meaning lower prices to our buyers, which makes financial sense.
We are determined to maintain the high standards of service and business ethics, but don’t just take our word for it, please read what some of our clients say about us, then come and receive the service you should expect and deserve.

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